Streamable Finance Airdrop Campaign is live!

Streamable Finance
2 min readDec 3, 2023

Introducing Streamable Finance — Now Live!

Embark on our exciting journey as one of our first users and be eligible for a rewarding airdrop campaign. We extend a warm invitation to you to explore our products, allowing you to play a vital role in shaping our platform. Your valuable feedback will contribute to the ongoing improvement of Streamable Finance, enhancing security measures and fostering a sense of community.

Join the campaign today, and become an integral part of our growing community while boosting user confidence in Streamable Finance!

Activity Duration

From December 6th, 2023 until 1st March 2024.

Activity Rules

Users will be rewarded for their activity for these products:

Streamable Finance DeFi: (BSC Mainnet users — no testnet)

Reward Level 1:

1.1 complete at least one swap, wrap at least one currency, stream at lest a payment

Reward Level 2:

in addition to level 1 activities:

2.1- Farm stream tokens: provide liquidity and stake it

2.2- Stake, Stake and lock streams

Reward Level 3:

in addition to level 2 activities:

3.1 Stream an exact amount of currency, Stream an exact amount of time

Reward Level 4:

in addition to level 3 activities:

4.1 Use adaptive streaming (estimate relase Feb 2024)

Streamable Invest:

Reward Level 1:

Complete a full KYC, individual or company

Reward Level 2:

Level 1 + Investing in a flex product

Reward Level 3:

Level 2 + Investing in a locked product

The details of the airdrop will be communicated on 2nd March 2024.

Join our community

Join our community to follow up on upcoming updates for documentation, dapp, and tutorials: